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A reference librarian at the Anchorage Public Library (funnily enough, another Pitt grad :)) sent me bunches of information. And she was so nice! I’m looking forward to visiting the public library up there.

These I had found on my own (hey, I’m a librarian, too, right?):

  • Travel to Canada – useful for bird and other border-crossing requirements
  • National Climate Data and Information Archive
  • – Historical weather data for Canada

  • Alaska’s largest newspaper, Anchorage Daily News – I didn’t think of this one as an apartment resource. And housing. I drooled over some cute houses, really close to campus, a few minutes ago.
  • The Milepost – Like I said, it’s a must-have. I’m considering buying and reading it, rather than just using the online parts.

Other resources she suggested that I want to check out:

Not much other news–I haven’t really made much progress on the car thing (other than setting up a meeting with a local dealer), the route thing (other than kind of deciding for myself that I want to go the short way through Canada, as I typed up the last entry), finding an apartment (other than trying to get someone with a cool townhouse to let me apply for a lease), or packing (nothing to put in parentheses, here, sadly). I still have to write up some PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL before I’m fully graduated ‘n all. Working, dealing with paperwork, and meeting people for fun things like parties and waffles have taken up a lot of time. You know how it goes.

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