I’m moving; Anchorage is shaking. (Y’all OK? Magnitude 5 is kind of a lot, right? … Earthquakes are going to be a new thing for me.)

I set up a goodbye dinner for Pittsburgh peeps–if you’re in Pittsburgh and not on Facebook (or if you are, but somehow I missed you), and you want to go, holler. I’ll forward the invite.

I am really frighteningly behind on going through stuff and packing, but here’s hoping it starts going faster.

We do have a new car, or will once it gets to the dealer. I think it’s the color Dale hates (“Sage Green Metallic”), which is very sad. But we’re approved for a loan at an acceptable rate, and given how much more acceptable that rate is than the rate on Grover, I think it’s the right choice. I’ll post pictures when I have them.