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The birds’ vet appointment is scheduled; we have a little cage for the parakeet and a slightly bigger little cage for the cockatiels. (They won’t love it; on the other hand, the bigger birds get “out time” in the hotel room each morning and evening–except maybe in Madison, where I’m staying with friends–so they’ll get the chance to stretch their wings. Mr. Parakeet can’t be trusted, yet.) I’ve also verified that I can, with some difficulty, carry both cages at once.

Love the new car. It’s great. And we’ll have a cargo bin for the top of it, so yay for more space! I’m ready for the new car smell to wear off, though; it’s a little plasticky for my taste.

My insurance company can print up my Canadian insurance card at their local office–which is right by the vet’s office!–in a matter of minutes. So that’s another worry off the table. And Dale’s going by AAA tonight or tomorrow.

I’m still behind on packing and have yet to actually sell any furniture. Dale’s a patient and wonderful man.

An apartment company is doing my background check, now. As long as my current and past landlords don’t decide to flip out over the phone or something (I consider this unlikely), it looks like I have a place to live. Even if the apartment I originally picked out somehow falls through, this company has a bunch of other places.

I’m also putting off leaving by one day, to have one packing day and one chilling out day with Dale before I leave (including a trip to the zoo! I still haven’t used my free zoo ticket). I know I’ll miss the knitting meet-up, but I was likely to have that problem, anyway. Depending on the apartment situation, I may still try to get in town by Sunday the 13th, so I can go to the last farmer’s market of the season, or I may slow down a bit and get there on Monday, so I can get into my apartment. We’ll see how it all plays out.

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