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The car’s packed (not everything I’d have liked to have fit in the car will fit, but that’s life). The birds are ready. The houseplants are ready. [Most] Friends are hugged. My iPod is loaded up with good music and audiobooks. The GPS is programmed and tested. Tomorrow morning we’re getting a bagel and coffee, then some gas, and we’re heading out onto the Turnpike!

I’ll miss Dale and Ella for the next four months. And I’ll miss my friends and family for longer–though I expect every single one to stay in touch online and as many as can do so to visit! I’ll visit, too: Boston in the middle of January (that’s mostly business–ALA–but I’m hoping to take a couple of days to see Dale’s family) and, barring great financial difficulties, DC late next June (also ALA, but I’ll base my summer vacation around it); depending on his work schedule, Dale will come with me.

I’m excited and nervous about the drive, and I’m really psyched about exploring Anchorage and starting work. It’s going to be good. :)

The car’s about full. We gave up for the night, but there’s very little stuff left to fit in–and a bit less space in which to put it. I’ll try to get a picture of the full car before I take off!

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