We stuck with Verizon for the time being; the plan ends in November, and rather than change up yet one more thing during the move, Dale and I opted to keep it. (Obviously, he’ll still be in the process of his move when we do change. But it’ll be a tiny bit more convenient, give or take shipping a phone to him. And probably changing to the 907 area code.) Vz has roaming coverage through large parts of Canada, which AT&T didn’t seem to have.

That said, it’s $.69 per minute, and god knows how much per text sent/received. You should feel free to call me if it’s important, obviously; I’ll pick up if I hear the phone, because I’m not sure I can check my voicemail. But let’s not have text chats. Or phone chats. If you’ve got a broadband connection, download Skype (I’m artificialinanity on there) or (broadband or dial-up) catch me on Google chat (coral.hess) or AIM (artficlinanity), in the evenings. We can chat like that.

It looks like I’ve got coverage again shortly after crossing the Alaskan border. Tok is pretty well covered, and that extends outward toward the Yukon, a little, as wireless signals are wont to do.

(This is preemptive. Other than a text forward, I haven’t gotten anything that wasn’t worth calling or texting about. I just wanted you guys to know.)

Anyway, it’s time to pack up the car and get going! Have a good holiday, Americans! Drive carefully, Canadians! ;)