The drilling didn’t seem to do anything. The crack has grown while the car sat in the parking lot.

It’s really very hard to take a picture of a crack in a windshield, and I think the camera was trying to “help” me by focusing inside the car or on the reflection or something. But if you look, you should be able to see both the original chip from the gravel and the smaller hole from the drill, with the crack clearly extending out on either side.

New and improved windshield crack

New and improved windshield crack

That sucks. I hope disappointment is the right emotion, here, rather than worry. (You know me well enough by now, if you’ve been following this blog, to realize that I am worried, too. I’m like that.) I don’t really mind being stuck in Whitehorse, if that’s what this ends up meaning, though that’s still five hours of rough driving ahead of me. I mean, it’s non-ideal, costing me either another night’s lodging and my Sunday in Anchorage or else a really terrible Friday, driving all the way up to Tok, to stay on schedule. Or some combination thereof, if they can’t do the repair that afternoon. I know better than to try driving the Alaskan Highway at night.

Everyone here is so cavalier about windshield cracks. I feel like a wuss for worrying about it. But where I come from, those are considered to be kind of a big deal, or it always seemed to me they were, anyway. You can’t pass inspection with a crack in your windshield. And there are all of those commercials about how you’ll hit a bump and the world will end, if you drive around with even a tiny chip out. (We had a chip in both the Ford’s and the Honda’s windshields, and I kept hearing those commercials and worrying they’d grow. They were itty-bitty, though.) I’m hoping I’m just a sucker for advertising. And a worrier. After all, I’ve hit loads of bumps today–those stupid tiny red signs that say “slow” give you roughly 5 meters of warning and expect you to be going less than 20km/h, I think; I love that they warn drivers, but I wish they did it in a useful way.

Anyway, obviously I’m in kind of a bad mood, now. I had really hoped that drilling thing would fix it nicely and I could stop worrying about this. Sorry for complaining. I hope to be in a better frame of mind, next time I post. Keep your fingers crossed on the windshield front, for me, please…