Thank you to those who wrote to tell me how common and harmless windshield cracks are. I still find it uber freaky on some visceral level–maybe just because that’s one less layer protecting my face?–but I am definitely reassured and ready to start today’s drive. (Or I will be when I finish this coffee, get a shower, and pack the car.)

One commenter pointed out that I sound weary. I am. 300 miles of driving a day, for 10 days, is a lot. Which I knew when I started, certainly, and I knew I’d be tired. I don’t regret deciding to do the drive, though. It’s a grand adventure, and for every setback (multiple rejections from motels and hotels, most days, due to the birds; the windshield thing; muscle aches; the cost of gas and other commodities along the drive) there’s a ton of positive things (gorgeous views; cold mountain air; nice people I’ve met; wildlife sightings; a new appreciation for geography). I think I’m just really ready to be in Anchorage, now. I’ve got a life to start, and I’d like to get on with starting it.

Patience is not one of my strongest points, though, and I knew that before I started, as well. ;)