I’m in Anchorage. In my apartment building, actually. (We have free wifi, but it doesn’t extend up to my floor, it seems. Since I didn’t bring down my power cord–and, honestly, it’s super late and I’m exhausted–this is going to be a short post. I’ve got so much to tell you about! But it can all be told in a later post.)

The American border was no problem. I had to sign some forms, including one promising to take the birds to the vet–which I was planning to do anyway. Grace looks … about the same. Maybe a tad better, because she can’t keep irritating her face. I stopped by Petco this evening and got them a big cage, probably the first of two, since I think the cockatiels need to be separated. The drive back was an adventure, because the road my GPS wanted me to go down to get home (home!) was blocked by police, for some reason. I didn’t put the birds into their cage, because I don’t want to wake them. They’re so very tired. As am I. It’ll be a while before this knee is entirely working.

My plan was to stop in Tok, but I got there around 1pm, Alaska time. Maybe a tad after. It was too early to check in to a hotel, and I really wanted to get the birds situated in–or at least near–our new home. I figured, well, I could drive down to Glenallen and have a much shorter trip to do tomorrow. Or maybe I’d push on toward Anchorage, which, obviously, is the solution I went with. And I called my landlord. And, bam, things all worked out.

People have been so nice. I’m wandering into territory I wasn’t going to cover tonight, but, seriously, people are nice. Beyond talking more about that, I will also have to tell you about my apartment move-in experience (not that I’ve come even 1/4 of the way close to emptying the car, mind you) and my gas station experience and all about the Glenn Highway, which is not really anything at all like the Alaskan Highway. I’ll have to show you pictures–though I got a lot fewer per mile, despite such pretty sights, today, because I was a woman on a mission. I’ll have to give you mileages–all messed up on the car, now, but immortalized (for the week) in Twitter. I’ll tell you about my probable book club and table-top RPG–yeah, fer real, already!

I seriously can’t believe I made it here in one piece. The only damage to the car is that crack in the windshield–which did continue to grow, as it got warmer out, today, but only a centimeter or two–and probably some dinged up paint from all the gravel. I didn’t hit any wildlife (though I think I did see some moose, at the edge of the woods, today). I didn’t get mugged or lost in Montana or whatever other terrible things could have happened. The birds are probably OK–it’s hard to tell if Grace is just stressed or if she’s really messed up, somehow. Phoebe broke a wing feather right before the border, because she’s a genius bird with amazing timing. But she seems OK now, sans really-stressful-but-probably-necessary close examination. Francis is a little blue trooper. He held up the best out of all of us. Totally unfazed.

But, yeah, here I am. I’m going to go out and start exploring and making friends tomorrow. :)