So, I’m looking for an apartment. I need to be able to move there by September 30 (or find somewhere to store my stuff overnight–I’m not sure it’ll all fit in the car, what with the new birdcage and all). Since I’m not willing to move again, I’m looking for a year-long lease, 2 bedrooms, either a townhouse or first floor apartment, with washer and dryer in the unit. It would be nice if it’s a short drive or even walkable(!) to work. It would be extra nice if it’s walkable to downtown or some selection of fun things (coffee shops, cafes, breweries). Clearly, it has to allow pets.

Weidner Properties aren’t entirely organized, it turns out, and the apartment I originally applied for was super nasty, after a smoker lived there (non-smoking building, but poor enforcement), so the agent I’d been working with put me into the other (nicer) building and promised me the apartment, parking space, and a couple of the utilities (I don’t know which of them; she was talking to me as I drove through some valley, and then she was eating dinner when I got here, so everything’s a little garbled) for $90 more than the other apartment would have been. We didn’t sign a lease Friday night, and over the weekend she got very sick.

Yesterday, somebody unlocked my door and started to come in, then saw that I was living there and left. (I was sitting on my bed, and I didn’t see them, or them me.) It turns out, that was one of the agents here, trying to show what he thought was an empty apartment. I wasn’t in their records. They have no record of my application–I had a copy, which I think they have now photocopied–and presumably no record of my check, either. They don’t appear to have cashed it, but I sent it through online banking, meaning I can’t access that money until I figure out how to issue a stop check or the check expires.

Now they want the price she quoted me (which I had to fight for–it was originally going to be $135 more than that), plus $75 for parking, plus all the utilities. I told them I’ll be out by October, so it’s 3/4-month lease, at this point.

Honestly, I’m tempted to try to find something before we sign a lease tomorrow. I’m so frustrated. I feel baited and switched. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open to them.