The car’s empty! Even the luggage carrier on top. (Though if any Alaskan reading this has a stepladder and a few minutes, there could be cookies in it for you, to help me take the carrier itself off… It’s not super hard; it’s just up kind of high. Unrelated, but also a question for Alaskans: any bank suggestions?) The apartment is very full of things that need to be put away, but it’s nice to have all my stuff in there. In the kitchen I’ve got Christen’s dishes and some bowls and baking dishes from my mother and grandmother and my new favorite mug. And a bottle of Root. ;) I need to pick up a colander, silverware, knives, and a cutting board, in addition to groceries.

That said, I made dinner tonight. Without salt or a colander, pasta’s both tricky to make and a little plain-tasting. But the birds liked the pasta I shared with them.

The living room will be a lot nicer once I can empty my wooden crates, to make “shelves” out of them. But I have a few things out just to be pretty. I’m debating trying to find some kind of chair-like furniture, for sitting and reading. Or maybe a clip lamp, and I can just sit on the bed and read…

Anyway, the apartment’s coming together, slowly but surely.

I stopped by the library to pick up my relocation check. (Win some, lose some. If anyone was curious, a parking ticket there costs $35. I’ll see if it can be forgiven, but I kind of doubt it. Who knew the “Park and Pay” sign meant you had to pay to park?) I thought it might be a half-hour trip, but I ended up talking to people for several hours, all told. It was really nice; I’m excited about starting there! And now I have dinner with a couple of fun people on Thursday, a zombie buddy for Friday (both the walk and the movie afterward), and someone to call when I am bored and want a tour of town. :)

Denali was out today. I couldn’t see it from my office window(!!), but I could see it from Special Collections. (It’s clearly huge. It’s over 130 miles away!)

Phoebe broke yet another blood feather. I’m hoping the vet can tell me what to do for her. She’s such a clumsy bird and always has been. But she can’t afford to hurt herself so often! Grace and Francis are good. (It was really sweet. People at the library kept asking about the birds. :) I do promise, I’m not usually such a crazy bird lady. It’s just that I’m worried about them after the trip, and I feel guilty for putting them through that.)