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I found a 1-bedroom (saves me $125 per month over a 2-bedroom, which is still a net gain even with the $150 moving charge to a different apartment in the same building when Dale gets here). No covered parking, but there’s a plug-in. Gas is covered. And it’s walkable to downtown, albeit not a short walk–actually, it’s not all that far from where I’m currently staying. It’s also walkable to BearTooth – the theatre pub – and therefore Bosco’s – the game and comic shop – and Kaladi’s Coffee. So, woohoo! And if I ever learn to cross-country ski, I could theoretically get to work that way.

So that’s a weight off my shoulders. I’ve got to pull together enough cash to pay the down payment with a money order, but I can do it.

I also have a bank. They’ll be really pleased when I show up with a lease tomorrow or Friday, because they didn’t like giving me an account with only a Pittsburgh address.

I technically have a lease right now. It’s for September 11-18.

I hate to jinx it, but it’s almost like things are coming together…

I’m off to find an ATM and a place to buy money orders. And then back to sign the lease. Yay!

Seriously, if I can find an apartment to move into before I have to sign a lease here, I want to do so. I’m unwilling to set up utilities for two stinking weeks, and I’m angry that the verbal agreement I made with my agent is not being honored. Since I’m planning to drive to Girdwood after my Subaru appointment, I won’t be available to sign the lease tomorrow, anyway. But I’ll come back in time to view apartments, if there are any to be viewed.

I’ve emailed a few places, and I have a few ads open on my computer, to be called from the Subaru dealership, while I wait for them to work on my car. We’ll see how it goes.

I’d listen to non-Weidner referrals, as well…

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