This post is very image-heavy. Apologies for that, but I kind of ended up with a backlog…

If the preview and final order remain the same, what we’ve got, roughly is:
1) the sign at the Continental Divide – I was really hoping there’d be a nice one like the US has, but no
2) and 3) the longest bridge on the Alaskan Highway – metal grating is weird to drive on, by the way
4) some of the evergreens that are all over the place – I like them, though if they’re waving in the wind ahead of you, you know to grip the steering wheel pretty hard
5) the bay (“bay”?) the bridge above goes over
6) I jokingly titled this “how the windshield got broken,” or something like that, but it wasn’t really one of the patches of road like this where it happened–it was a fairly normal patch. Still, this wasn’t an entirely uncommon sight.
7) some pretty mountains, possibly out the side window? (should have posted pictures sooner…)
8) those deciduous trees – aspen?
9) and 10) the mountain view from outside my hotel room in Haines Junction – intimidating! but awesome!
11) I just thought this was a pretty picture, the little building and creek – it’s outside Anchorage, in a place called (if I’m not wildly mistaken) Arctic Valley. It’s where we were going to try picking berries….
12) Believe it or not, this is a ski slope
13) Here’s a view from near the top of the mountain at Arctic Valley. If you squint, you can see downtown Anchorage. Or..
14) … you could just look at this picture, which is zoomed in.
15) I thought this bridge with fishing pole decorations (permanent, as far as I can tell) was hilarious. It’s down the street from where I live, today and tomorrow. :D
16) This is Sleeping Lady, from which the brewery gets its name. (The mountain has a real name, but I haven’t yet learned it.) I actually took the picture from the rooftop patio at Snow Goose/Sleeping Lady.