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I’ve got the car partially packed for my move tomorrow. Most of the kitchen stuff is still “put away,” in the current apartment, and needs to be packed up to be moved. But since I’m meeting my landlord at 8am (yeah, that’s 7 hours from now), I should have plenty of time to get everything from here to there and turn in the keys. If I had a vacuum, I would run it over the carpets, here, to be sure all the bird seeds are up, but I don’t.

Tomorrow night, unless my gaming group is getting together, I’m just unpacking and reassuring the birds. And, if I run far enough ahead of schedule, I might stop for groceries and cook. (This isn’t entirely likely. More likely: I’ll figure out how people without Internet order Chinese food, I’ll do so, and I’ll collapse in an exhausted heap, to watch Gilmore Girls. [Don’t judge!])

Saturday morning: more unpacking, and then, Saturday evening, there’s the zombie walk and movie!

On Sunday I really might try to go to the UU church; I meant to, last week, and just forgot. Or I might be tired and covered in zombie makeup, in which case I’ll probably just hang out and unpack.

I really do plan to go to Girdwood, though I’m not even really set on what I’m doing there. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to try to get to Seward or Homer, or just wait until spring; there’s still a fair bit to do in Anchorage, including the zoo, the Imaginarium, hiking the Coastal Trail and Green Belt, looking into these high-up cranberries (I forgot what they’re called :)), general exploring, and using that cool bird-watching map I picked up. Plus all the errands I have left, such as giving the bank my address, getting an Alaska ID, dealing with the insurance company and car registration and all of that good stuff, getting Internet set up in my apartment (I’ve realized that’s a utility like any other), and maybe finding a little bit of furniture. I’ll get a futon or fancy bean bag for the short term, but now that I have space I can invite people to (a 1-br, rather than a studio), I want to get a table and chairs for games.

Winter to-do list: learn about container gardening in Alaska (in preparation for spring), learn (at least in theory) about fishing and cleaning fish, learn to shoot, learn to sew (with a machine, for quilting and clothing repairs), and learn a little more about canning jams and jellies. That last one will be taken care of in the fall, if I find some of those cranberries to pick. I’m pretty excited about that, honestly, so I hope it works out!

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