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With moving and not having non-borrowed wireless access (which not only do I feel guilty using, especially now that I know there are usage caps on GCI Internet accounts, but I also don’t like because it’s really sporadic), I’ve been somewhat lax about updating. But the bulk of my stuff’s put away, and the cable guy came today; so, I’m back.

Moving backwards in time… I bought a folding table and chair, which has improved my quality of life significantly, just in these few short hours. I also bought a couple of lamps, because the bedroom and living room are without fixtures. The birds also have a night light now, since Phoebe had a night-time freakout the other night and damaged 5 blood feathers. (That’s gotta be a world record. I didn’t think she’d make it, honestly.) This means I know where the emergency vet is, anyway.

My first Costco, Target, Lowes, and Fred Meyer trips are out of the way. I have a modular couch that folds down into a bed; it’s pretty terrible, as far as comfort factor goes, but it beats the floor. It was also on sale, so that it cost less than an air mattress. Moving has been expensive, but other than the shipments Dale’s sending, it’s pretty much done for now. There’s some unpacking left to do, and I’d really like to get a few more pieces of furniture, such as an actual bed, bookshelves, and a TV stand (with a TV!), but I have a more or less functioning household, here. Bed aside, I can live without those other things for as long as I need to. And it’s nice to have the really big grocery trips out of the way! Once my garbage disposal is fixed (my own fault; I figured it would work like the ones I’ve always had, even though the community manager specifically said not to put carrot peels–or much of anything else–in), I will be able to make a really fantastic pot of chili. Until then, my kitchen’s kind of terrifying.

Speaking of terrifying, the zombie walk was excellent. There were zombies (and one vampire) of all ages, including a few adorable kids in princess costumes, pink bunny slippers, and cute sweaters, all with zombie makeup. There was even a zombie dog! And a zombie Palin! I was surprised at the number of people who had memorized the moves to Thriller. (Watch out, CL folks! I’m dragging you along, next year! Dale’s already agreed to learn part of Thriller with me–maybe we can do a zombie book cart thing…) It was fun to watch the zombies mob certain [volunteer] non-zombies. And the dad teaching his daughter how to shamble was just too cute. I’ll post pictures of it all after I finish blathering on with news. ;)

The zombie movie, Død Snø (“Dead Snow,” in English), was kind of terrible, but in the fun and entertaining way. I think they must have spent a lot of prop money on a rubber intestine; it got used a whole lot. My table was lively, and one of my tablemates talked with me at length (before the movie) about chinchillas, pikas, and related animals, which is always good. ;) Really, I enjoyed the whole theatre pub experience and will definitely be going back to Bear Tooth, possibly very often, in the future.

I bought my first pumpkin today! (I say “first” because I’m going to carve it sometime in the next few days, because, obviously, I have no patience. Clearly, it won’t last until Halloween, so I’ll have to carve another one. Two, if work has use for a carved pumpkin somewhere. [Anyone want to carve pumpkins with me in October?] I’d been cooking with my pocket knife up until now, but I did purchase an actual knife for pumpkin carving. Priorities!) It’s definitely fall; on the day of the equinox there was snow on the mountains (around here, it’s sometimes referred to as “termination dust,” though it was awfully thick to be called “dust”), and I saw a raven. Knowing it’ll soon be too cold for such shenanigans, I took the luggage carrier off the top of the car, today. I’m rather pleased with myself for managing it, not because it’s so very heavy, but because it was up pretty high, and it’s a big, bulky thing. For lack of a better place, I’m storing it on the balcony.

I still haven’t been to UU church. Last week, I was out late with the zombie thing, and given that I’d tried to sleep on the floor, after moving several carfulls (cars full?) of belongings, I was super exhausted, even pre-zombie walk. I was practically among the living dead when I got home. It’s hard to say if I’ll make it this week, either, since I’m going to go make characters, paint Warhammer figurines, and play Rock Band with the game group this Saturday. (I’m excited! Gamers! And I’m nervous! New people! What if they don’t like me? … But I got along with the person who’ll be running the upcoming game. He reminded me a lot of one of my friends from Pittsburgh, actually, so I’m pretty hopeful.)

You know, I have more to say, I’m sure, but let’s just go ahead and move on to pictures. This post is already too long! :) Bonus picture: the mountains being pretty, pre-snowfall. Next time: the mountains being pretty, post-snowfall.

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