Just kidding with the title. It’s 1:40 in the morning, and I’m supposed to be asleep, getting all rested and ready to go for my first day of work, which I know is going to be busy and full of things to learn. But I just can’t sleep. My “bed” is even less comfortable tonight than usual, if you’ll believe that–or I’m just more antsy, what with all the thoughts jumbling around in my head and worry about the birds (I swear I’m not really a crazy bird lady–Phoebe is a special needs bird, I think, and we never got three of them with the idea of one of us living alone with them; somehow, three birds and a chinchilla between two people seems so much easier than three birds with one person, for whatever reason, maybe because we’ve never had neighbors who stomp around at odd hours, or maybe just because Dale’s a better pet-parent than I am, I don’t know). I’ve been trying to sleep for hours, with no luck; my heart’s racing, and, even though I’m desperately tired, sleep just isn’t coming.

So I figured I’d blog. Though I didn’t mean to spend quite that much space complaining about lack of sleep–sorry.

Before I get to today’s drama, I think I’ll go ahead and write about a couple of nice things that happened. On Friday I visited work to start decorating my office and find out what time to show up tomorrow; I have a key and a code, and I exist in some of the University systems, so that’s very cool. Soon I’ll have my faculty ID and email address and such. (Side note, which might make its own post in my library blog: it’s weird and cool and humbling and did I mention weird to be faculty–even junior faculty. Given how much time I’ve spent in higher education, but never going for a PhD, it’s maybe weirder for me than you’d think.)

After visiting my library, I visited the public library, to return an audiobook and feed ducks. How clever of Anchorage to put two of my favorite things in one place! Saves on fuel. After sharing the last of my three day old buckwheat pancakes–which ducks do like, very much, by the way–I walked around the pond, with a ducky escort. I met some nice people with cute dogs. I watched the remote controlled airplane and sailboats, and when I got to the folks controlling the boats, they offered to let me try. It was pretty fun; there was so little wind that catching any felt like a major accomplishment. And after a while, I felt like I understood the basics. They meet at 5:30 every Friday; I may stop by again before the pond freezes over.

I got some pictures of the boats, the pond, and the building with the public library in it. Also, the mountains–this was a few hours after I was raving about how pretty they were to Dale, so the light had changed. But they’re still quite pretty, I think.

Yesterday I met up with my gaming group to play our first session of Call of Cthulhu. It was pretty excellent; I feel like I’m playing the Scully to everyone else’s Mulder, at times, but I am having lots of fun and hopefully adding to others’ fun, as well. It seems like it’s going to be a great game!

While we were playing, a small moose walked through the yard. I saw his legs, but that’s all, because it was dark and he was a bit uphill and poorly lit. I was a little disappointed that my first wild moose sighting wasn’t a full and proper view, but not to worry: on my drive home, I saw another moose. Driving toward it, I thought it was a male moose with a rack, but no, she just had really big ears. I slowed down almost to a stop, to look at her–she was in the median–and she looked at me. It was good. I’ve seen a wild moose, now!

And today… I had meant to spend my last day before work really finishing up the apartment, as well as spending time with the birds, since I was out for more hours than they’re even supposed to be awake, yesterday. And I did make a fair bit of progress on the apartment, so that it looks OK. Pretty much everything’s unpacked, anyway, until I pick up a shelf for the [copious number of] boardgames. But I didn’t have quite as much time for that as I’d expected, because, when I uncovered them this morning, I found that one of the birds (Phoebe) had serious broken blood feathers (again, this time wing and tail). The emergency vet (there’s only one in town that even takes birds, and they don’t have a bird vet all the time–their non bird vet does deal OK with blood feathers, though) wasn’t picking up the phone, so I decided to try taking care of her myself, mistakenly thinking it was just the wing. I will spare you the details, except to say that, despite steeling myself and putting some good effort and styptic powder into fixing her, the tail was beyond my skill, and we ended up driving to the emergency vet, anyway. A couple hours later, we were back home–Phoebe sans any tail feathers (the vet thinks if they all grow in at once, they stand a chance)–and she’s spent most of the day being really quiet and sleepy. I saw her drink, but she barely ate, even apple, which she loves–probably, with the blood loss and anesthetic, she feels extra awful. I don’t think she can take another night fright/broken feather, and I just don’t know what else to do to prevent it; I’ve already got the kitchen light on for them all night, in addition to their more standard night light. I guess I’ll leave the radio on quietly, to make my neighbors’ noises less of a shock. I can turn off the air filter in my room, so I can keep an ear open and catch frights early, but then I won’t sleep so well, either (not that I am, as it is). I’m just kind of at a loss.

Anyway, I feel distinctly more sleepy now than I did when I sat down, so I think it’s time to try again.