I’ve been working for a week and a half, now, and that’s going very well (though, since it’s library-related, I put most of my commentary on that–all of one post, so far–into the other blog). I like my job and am getting more and more confident that I’ll be qualified to do it within a reasonable timeframe. ;) I like my coworkers, my office, and my 3.6 mile commute. OK, I don’t really like the commute, except that it’s fairly short and low-traffic. And it can be arranged so that there are three coffee stands between home and work, if needed, plus the Starbucks on the first floor of the library.

I still haven’t decided what kind of tires to get for the winter. Normal winter tread? Studded? Dunno. There’s a tiny hill right by my apartment building; other than that, my drive to work and the grocery store and downtown and my gamer buddies’ houses: all flat. I could theoretically turn right and go down the hill, instead of trying to fight my way up it, when it’s icy. Not safe, but not risking back-sliding when, inevitably, the light turns red as I start to crest the hill. On the other hand, I think I have to go up a little hill if I go in the other direction, too, so … I dunno. What are the chances of ice storms two winters in a row, right? … Right?

The other big moving-related concern, besides my ever-increasing worry that maybe Dale will get up here and not find work, is … going to sound kind of stupid, I suppose. But I’m fed up with my stupid modular couch thing; it is not a proper sleeping surface for weeks on end. I’d put a random couch-surfer on it with very little guilt, and I’d … uh, I’d probably have to find more padding, to give it to a friend who’d come to visit, honestly. It’s pretty terrible. So I need a bed. Now, do I assume Dale’s going to get here and we’re going to move out of this one-bedroom apartment in short order (a not-unwise plan, given three birds, a chinchilla, and two people, though I think it hinges on how quickly he’s employed)–and therefore get a somewhat smaller, not-uncomfortable bed, ideally from Craigslist, expecting it to become a guest bed? (In which case, how on earth do I move it? Sure, sure, some rope and a tarp and the luggage carriers, for transport, but how to get it into the building? The modular couch thing was a laugh and a half to get in here, let me tell you. And, while I know more people now, I don’t feel like I’ve earned “help me move heavy stuff” karma with any of them, wonderful though they all are.) Or do I assume we’re going to stick out this lease and therefore get a bed that’s suitable for the long term? That’ll be expensive, because I really want a king- or queen-size foam mattress–both because they feel awesome and also because they’re less allergenic–but at least big burly people will bring it to my apartment, that way. And I won’t have to scramble to get a better one when Dale gets here.

The only other furniture I’m looking to acquire, in the near future, is a comfortable chair or loveseat for reading. (Believe it or not, the modular couch thing also fails at being comfortable seating, at least for long periods. I guess I know now why it was cheaper than an air mattress.) That’s also no fun, as far as moving it, so it’s very much on hold right now.

That’s probably enough obsessing over details/complaining about my sleeping situation for one post.

People who follow this blog from outside Anchorage might be interested to know that the “termination dust” (snow on the mountains) pretty much all melted. It’s been in the 40s and 50s, mostly, in town, though it dipped down below freezing a couple of nights. This is the longest and best autumn I can remember, no kidding. There are some really beautiful red and orange bushes, and there are still a few yellow leaves left on the trees. The shortening of the days is starting to get noticeable. It’s dark well before 7:30, when it was light past 8 a couple of weeks ago; and it was pretty dark, driving in between 8:30 and 9:30am, for the past few days, I thought. Then again, there’s been some gloomy weather, with thick fog in the morning and clouds all day, so maybe it’s secretly lighter than it looks?

Other-other news: Those of you who are Facebook and Twitter friends will already know this, but Dale and I announced that we’re engaged! The wedding (that term is used loosely, given how low-key we’re planning to go; it’ll be a doily-free event, possibly even shoes-optional) will happen in October 2010, 2011, or 2012, on the east coast. It’s conceivable we’ll do something smallish in Alaska, too–an excuse to throw a party? Why, yes.

There were other things I might have added–mostly about hanging out with people, as well as coming home and crashing after work, both of which I’ve done a fair bit of–but that’s a good place to stop. I really believe blog posts shouldn’t exceed 1000 words, anyway. ;) (This one does not, by 116 or so.)