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I’ll keep this pretty short, since I’m at work. (Lot of good that does anybody, anyway. I’m fighting a cold, and I can feel that it’s a losing battle. So I’m kind of useless. My ears are actively painful, they’re so stuffy. And I took Mucinex this morning, to help make/keep my bronchi clear–great idea, except now I can’t safely take my cold medincine–it has guaifenesin [did I seriously get that spelling right on the first try? I was typing random vowels by the end of the word] in it, too, so I’d be all overdosed if I took it. I may cut today a little shorter than is really proper and go to a drug store for pseudophedrinesque medication.)

I do have a real bed, on which I got decent sleep, which is great. It didn’t come until after 9pm last night–and then bringing it up and putting it together took over an hour–because I had yet another emergency vet visit. This one was arguably unnecessary–I pulled out the offending feather, which was unspeakably traumatic for me (far more than for the bird, who just let out one high-pitched sound and was ready to go on with life), and if I’d waited 5 minutes or so, or managed to hold her still enough that I could apply styptic powder, the bleeding would have stopped on its own. But because she did still seem to be bleeding, and other vets had led me to believe that feather out == instantaneous end to bleeding, I panicked. So the vet was able to confirm that there was a clot of some sort, urged me to come back if Phoebe started bleeding again, and started to send me away, only I had left my wallet at work. So I had to go back by work, with the birds in the car, to get my wallet, to call the vet and give them my credit card number. Good times. (I offered to leave the birds, go get the wallet, and come back, so the birds wouldn’t have to sit in a cold car, but the receptionist seemed afraid I’d abandon them. She made me fill out a promissory note. As though I’d abandon my pets of more than 10 and more than 3 years, respectively, over $60. Who really does that? Really?)

“How,” you might ask, “did Phoebe break a blood feather during daylight hours? I thought that was a night fright thing.” Yeah, I dunno; she has super powers, I guess. I came in; dropped my stuff; opened the birds’ cages; went to the bathroom; puttered around for a minute or two, lighting candles in a couple of rooms (so, a total of less than 5 minutes of unwatched bird time); and then came in and saw that there was a big drop of blood on the floor. I thought it was Grace, at first, because she had a feather that was super out of whack, but that was a full-grown feather, as far as I can tell. (It nearly matches Francis’s similar wacky feather.) No, it was Phoebe. I have no idea what she did, but later examination of the cage shows that she definitely, for-sure didn’t do it until after I let her out. All the blood is outside. But it’s everywhere–on 3 walls, on the ceiling, and, like I said, on the floor. I have no idea what happened, though it looks like maybe she slipped off the outside of the cage and just caught a wing feather the wrong way, on the way down. Totally unpreventable, except by keeping her in all the time, which is cruel. :/

So I guess I should buy some hydrogen peroxide while I’m buying cold medicine, today. Nothing better for removing human blood (look, I’m accident prone, OK? Phoebe takes after her person-mom… and takes it a lot further)–and I’d guess it’ll work fine for bird blood, too.

I set up “Emergency Vet” in the GPS, so I won’t have to look it up again next time.

I’m feeling all tired and spazzy, though. I think this is going to be a short work day, and I’ll make up the hours next week, when I can think straight.

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