It was a slippery, slidey, cold morning. The car’s temperature gauge said 17 degrees. I only spun out once, and it was both expected and unimportant (that is, it was a turn onto a road I knew would be less well cared for, and I wasn’t going super fast–faster than I should have been, arguably, but it’s hard to slow down enough, in time, without getting rear ended). Still, studded tires have moved way up on the priority list.

These are unfiltered, and except for one that I saw was clearly super blurry, you get everything I took, good or bad. (And there’s a fair bit of bad. I was focusing a lot more on driving than on taking photos, honestly.) One’s not from the drive, but I bet you can identify that yourself. :)

I need to go take some pictures from the 3rd floor library sitting room, but I’m always kind of unwilling to stand around with a camera, where the students are studying.

I have to go to the post office one morning this week. Maybe I’ll head over there on Thursday (since I have morning meetings tomorrow and Wednesday), to mail Dale’s phone, and while I’m there I’ll get photos of the duck pond. (The public library and post office are in the same place. With the duck pond. What great urban planning!) Or maybe I’ll be waiting to get tires on, on Thursday. Who can say? Anyway, I will make an attempt to get pretty snowy duck pond pictures for you, sometime before winter’s over. I hear I have a while…