It’s super snowy out right now. I took a couple of pictures for you, and the snowfall’s only gotten thicker since then.

Happily, half of the pictures in this post were taken on my trip in to the Subaru dealer, yesterday. (For your reference, it was between 8:45 and 9am. Kinda dark for that late, huh? :)) While there, I got an engine block heater (not so helpful at work, but a nice thing to have overnight at home) and studded tires. They’re fantastic, by the way. I won’t say there’s no danger of slipping–I’m a cheechako, not an idiot–but they sure do help. Roads that were tricky for me in the morning were no big deal by evening. Sheets of ice will still be a problem, as will other drivers. So, no, I won’t practice the incredibly common and frustrating behavior of speeding like it’s summer, when it clearly is not. But I’m no longer super stressed about making it up the hill from my apartment.

The other pictures are of and from the Spine, this long indoor bridge that connects many of the buildings on campus. I’ve been told it’s a quarter mile long. You can see it if you zoom in far enough on Google Maps. I like the study areas in it. And the pretty scenery outside. I don’t have a picture of them, but there were ducks a couple of weeks ago!