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I know I wrote, a little while ago, about realizing I didn’t want to go out and meet new people anymore; I knew it was temporary and ascribed it mostly to winter, I think correctly. And I should point out, I never got fully anti-social, as I still enjoyed my gamer friends and coworker friends, but I wasn’t exactly living up to my own advice to get out of the house and meet a lot of social groups and make as many friends as possible, either. I mean, I walk that line between introversion and extroversion, even on a good day, so it’s always an effort. But it was an effort I wanted to put in when I got here and suddenly realized I no longer wanted to put in, at some point this winter. And this was not, I feel, entirely healthy.

Anyway, I bring it up mostly to point out that it’s starting to fade. I went to an Anchorage Tweetup–that is, a pre-arranged meetup of a bunch of people from Twitter–last night. MC ended up going with me, which was nice, because I had that extra impetus not to wimp out and someone to talk to when I got shy. But people were super fun–I’m definitely looking forward to the next one. And I’m also going to a geocaching event on Monday night–with bonfires! I’m pretty psyched about it, actually, even though I have yet to find a geocache in Alaska. But this success is a good reminder–my existing friends are all awesome, but it’s good to have friends for all of your hobbies. While these folks will game and brew beer and talk crafts and computers with me, they may not dig the geocaching, for instance, or having book talks. So I’m kind of glad to be getting out of that funk. (And I’m also glad that’s as far as that funk extended. “I don’t want to go meet brand new people” is hardly a stretch from normal-me.)

The whole weekend’s been good, so far! After sleeping in a bit to recover from the tweetup (and the constant exhaustion I’m feeling, probably due to so little daylight?), I met up with the gamer friends today, as per usual. We kvetched for a while, then headed out to the Celestial Meads open house. I feel like I should point out, everything at Celestial is good; some Raizon d’ Etre may even have made its way home with me. ;) Next stop was Taproot, the hippie cafe, where a local singer and her fiddler and guitar player were performing. That was fun, until the place got too crowded–I note the storefront beside them is empty and sincerely hope they’ll acquire it and expand! It really might have stayed fun, but I took the opportunity to head out with the bulk of the friends I came with, who were off to kvetch some more. And, bonus, I found out most of them are around on Christmas Day, which means we can hang out together. So I’m doing a geocaching solstice thing Monday, a pagan solstice thing on Wednesday or Thursday, “cyber Christmas” with Connecticut family and a Christmas get-together with friends on Friday, and then gaming or partying or something on Saturday. Awesome sauce!

Now it’s almost 3am. I should go to bed, but I’m having a hot herbal tea, both for hydration (mead and cold air will get you) and for sleeping help. So, while I finish, I’ll upload those moose pictures I promised. :)

As far as the last of the moving process, Dale should blog it (and maybe he will), but there’s happenings there. He’s now formally unemployed. (So, the search for computer programmer jobs in Anchorage begins in earnest.) He’ll head up to his parents’ place later this week–hopefully after some of that snow clears, on the east coast–and hang out there. I’m so super psyched about seeing him again and showing him around up here and introducing him to everybody! The birds will be happy to see him, too. :)


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