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Today we get something like 10 seconds more light than we did yesterday (so says a coworker on Facebook, anyway :)). Civil twilight, start to end, both yesterday and today, was/is 9:12-4:44. Tomorrow it’s 9:13-4:45 (not much extra time, but, oddly, it’s later). Christmas Eve and Christmas, 9:13-4:46. New Year’s Day, 9:13-4:54. Dale’s first day in Anchorage, 8:48-5:36. So, yeah, we’re getting there. Though I’m told the “real cold” kicks in between now and February? At least, my complaints that I can’t see if the Aurora Borealis is occurring, due to cloud cover, are met with laughter and “wait until it’s too cold for clouds.”

Here’s the view from my office–blurry, sorry–at 4:10pm, yesterday.

And I’d promised some snow pictures, which I now realize have been on my camera, not posted. Sorry about that. These are all tree pictures, except for one that takes in the whole parking lot. Before it snowed, the trees were covered in hoarfrost and … more hoarfrost? I don’t know if there’s a term for the frost layer left behind by freezing fog (which, I’ve been informed, is different than ice fog), but there was a lot of that on all of the trees, already, before the snow started. I think it helped the snow stick better.

I also took a couple of pictures of the trees today, for reference, so you can see how pretty they stay even after the bulk of the snow blows off. (And I will try to remember to get pictures of the mountains, now that a lot of the snow has blown off of them, as well. They were all white, but no longer!)

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