New Years Ball - falls at 8pm

Apparently, an entire decade ends tomorrow. Since I’ve spent 7 of the last 10 years in school, I’d rather not dwell too much on that. Since one of those years was this one, I’d rather not dwell too much on this year, either–besides, I did that a few posts ago. Finding a job I like in a cool place makes up for the time and money spent on my MLIS. … I think. :D

But, you know, 2010 looks promising, from here. I’m getting [legally] married to a wonderful person–and possibly also ceremonially married, though signs point to that not happening until 2011. We’ll spend our first year in Anchorage, Dale and my new friends will meet and become friends (I assume); and we’ll all keep making new friends, as well. He’ll hopefully find a job he loves, or else get a job he likes OK and go back to school, or–well, there are a lot of options right now. A few good friends are getting married, and we’ll get to visit them and also our families in the spring. We’ll do some traveling around Alaska–at least the drive down to Homer (hopefully with friends) and the train down to Seward, but I’d also like to see Mt. McKinley up close, visit Fairbanks, and finish the last of the Alaskan Highway. I’ll also get to meet a bunch of Alaskan librarians at the AkLA conference, which I’m pretty psyched about, and, that same weekend, Dale and I will get to experience our first Iditarod. (No, we’re not driving a sled. But we’ll watch them run through town, anyway!) I’m hoping that 2010 will also see us get back into geocaching, homebrewing, and (for me) guitar. I’m also hoping I really like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, both of which I hope to try before long. And I’m hoping that, once fall comes, people take us berry-picking, or we find a place for it, ourselves, and I learn to make jam. Oh! And I’m hoping we learn to fish and therefore get to eat lots of fresh salmon. And I hope to become a reasonably accomplished gardener, hopefully with Dale’s help–though that’s a multi-year project.

Looking further down the line, this being a decade-ending New Years and all, by the time the ’10s are over, both Dale’s and my student loans will all be paid back–hopefully long since!–and we’ll most likely still be driving our 10 year old Subaru around Anchorage (or Seattle or, well, I’d imagine somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, anyway, but that’s hard to predict, just with the knowledge I have now) and, I hope, parking it at our very own house at the end of the workday. I also hope we have a goat, two chickens, and a hypo-allergenic cat, but that’s maybe moving outside the realm of the likely.

And, bringing in the timeframe, a bit, tomorrow night, unless this cold totally owns me, it looks like I’m having a laid back evening of beer brewing with friends. Should be a nice time.