It seems like Mr. Dale is pulling together pictures to write up his own blog post, so I guess we have a case of “feast or famine,” as far as blogging goes. Hopefully, besides showing you beautiful mountains and cute puppies, he’ll talk about what he thinks about Alaska so far. People keep asking me, and I just kind of shrug and say “Better, now that it’s lighter out.” But I bet he puts it more clearly, himself.

It really is nicer, now that the sun’s coming back. It was weird the first time I realized it was bright out after 5pm. Now it’s light past 7, which is excellent. Soon, we’ll overtake you folks in VA, PA, and CT. As far as the weather goes, February was strange and melty, with temperatures in the 40s–Dale and I really liked it–but we’re back to hardcore winter, at this point. I think it’s 19 degrees out (I’m writing this around 6pm on Friday the 12th, but it’ll get posted later, when it’s a different temperature, I’m sure). And there were many inches of snow over the course of this week, starting just after the AkLA Conference/Iditarod start and going… well, there were 24 hours of steady snow on Monday and Tuesday, and a little more has fallen since. It was enough that UAA closed campus on Tuesday. I won’t lie, the snow day was appreciated! I was “Technical Coordinator” for the Alaska Library Association (AkLA) conference, last weekend, and it was a bit bigger job than I’d anticipated. But I got to see librarians from all over Alaska and, as I mentioned above, the sled dogs at the Iditarod Ceremonial Start, on Saturday.

I’m a little sorry I don’t have more to say about winter festivities, actually. Next year, we’re going to attend the Fur Rondy (I was too busy with conference preparations) and more of the Iditarod start (conference was going on, and neither of us had a second layer of pants or thick enough shoes or, for that matter, hats on)–maybe even drive up to Willow for the real start. That’ll be pretty fun! But even the little bit we saw was pretty exciting.

I guess our big news is that we found an apartment. It’s cute, walkable to work (at least when the weather’s OK), has a washer/dryer, and will have room for a garden out back when the weather improves! A good find! We’ll post pictures of that, as it pulls together, too. The birds seem to more or less like it, and the chinchilla loves it. So, a happy (if residually stressed out) family!

In other news, Dale’s name change worked fine. He still has to go to DMV, but since his Social Security card and lease both say Sheldon-Hess, there’s really no concern that DMV will give him trouble. (There is some concern that he’s now past the 60 day limit for getting a license after getting to the state, though. Hmm.)

Anyway, here’s hoping this post means we’re back to blogging! Feel free to comment and let me know how you’re doing! If you didn’t get our mass email with info about our new address, phone numbers, and email, that means I had the wrong (or no) email address for you, and you should let me know, so I send that along. :) If you did get it and wrote back, I am still way behind on replying to those replies, but don’t feel like I don’t love you…