Dale and I took part of a week and drove up to Fairbanks, then up to the Arctic Circle (66 degrees 33 minutes–the farthest south point where the sun does not set on the summer solstice), with a brief stop in Denali National Park on the way home. But this post isn’t about that trip, because we haven’t sorted through those pictures. This post is about the second half of that week, up through today. :)

We ended up home earlier than we’d planned to, when we took the time off work, so we decided to put the time to good use: we painted the other bedroom (which is where the birds and the TV live), bought and hung shelves, unpacked nearly all the rest of the boxes (mostly books and games) onto those shelves, and planted our garden in the back yard. We’re still short a few kitchen things, including a shelf to put the cookbooks on, and we need to get some kind of table for our plants (and possibly a printer) in the living room, but this apartment is feeling more and more like home!

I might take pictures for a “virtual tour” of our place, since not everyone’s going to be able to visit right away, but for now, here are pictures of our patio, the shelves in the spare room, and our garden!

Only half of the garden is ours. (It was freshly watered in the photos, so you can probably tell which half. Our landlords planted in their half the day before.)