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I like it when my Monday off (OK, first off, I like doing the flex time thing so I can have every other Monday off) is punctuated by awesomeness! I rode in to work with Dale this morning, so I could have the car. We couldn’t go the normal way because a school bus was stalled/spun out/something in the middle of the steep hill on our road (no signs of anyone being injured, or kids even still being there—the relief bus must already have come), so we went the back way. And saw two moose, down the street from our house. Which was pretty neat and exciting. They were heading toward our house as we drove away, but I admit, I forgot to look for them when the car and I got home.

Fast forward two hours, I look out the back door, and there they are! They were not eating the pumpkin I left for them, but, you know, you can’t win ’em all.


Also, you’ll notice there’s a ton of snow out there. Winter is well and truly here. This was the first day with LOTS of snow, and people are driving like they’ve never seen this crazy white stuff before. Seriously, I’m amazed that people in a place with 8-9 months of snow can’t function when it starts back up again. That’s not that much time to forget how to drive! How? How do they do it?

I think maybe not everybody who is going to get studs on their tires has done so yet, so it may get a little better. Less sliding around. … Right?

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