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It’s January. In Alaska.

Dale’s Alaskaversary passed by without incident–we’re both one-year-plus veterans of living in the state, now; I’m even in the process of applying for my first Permanent Fund Dividend check. Our “paper anniversary” (one year since we were legally married, negative ten months until we have our wedding :)) passed, again, without much fanfare. We got some well-wishes from family, which was super nice, but we didn’t really even do anything, ourselves, that day.

We did go see “Avenue Q” the following day. (Yes, Anchorage gets Broadway shows. :P We’re even getting the Blue Man Group in the spring!) That was enjoyable. Since we were Downtown already, we also walked around the ice rink (a little park beside the Performing Arts Center where they let the ice do its thing–and maybe help it along a little bit–so that people can skate on it) to look at the ice sculptures. It’s only been above freezing twice, so far, that I know of, so even though they’ve been up for a while they’re still in fine shape. We didn’t think to take pictures. :/

I did take a few pictures from my office window, to share how pretty and white the trees sometimes get. In two of the pictures they’re covered in hoarfrost, which seems to come (exclusively?) from ice fog. Or freezing fog. I can never keep straight which one we get, here. Anyway, a couple of the pictures are that. One is of today’s heavy, but short-lived snowfall. There’s also a picture of the ice fountain outside the public library–in the summer it’s a normal water fountain. And then there’s a picture of a neat snow formation against one of the windows of my library. Random stuff from my iPhone. Maybe Dale will post with pictures from Christmas. :)

There’s not a ton else going on. It’s been a little warmer in January than it had been in December–temperatures below about 15 F make me cranky. I can deal with temps in the 20s, though, and it’s even hopped up into the low 30s a couple of times, lately. That’s been good.

We signed up for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award challenge–or, well, I signed up. Dale hates signing up for stuff, so he’s doing it, but he’s not logging it on the website. It keeps us moving, which makes winter a lot more bearable. Granted, most of the movement is indoors: I go to the gym, and Dale does Dance Dance Revolution, most of the time. But it’s enough to help beat the winter funk.

Actually, something relevant to that: we have both signed up to ride 25k in the Tour de Cure, in June, to raise money toward finding a cure for diabetes. If you were willing to donate toward the cause on his page (his goal is $150) or my page (my goal is $500), we would both be very grateful!

Also coming up over the next few months, I get to go to Juneau in February for the Alaska Library Association conference–I booked a few extra days, so I can look around town, go see the University of Alaska Southeast (their library has a banana tree in it!), maybe visit one of the glaciers, and just generally get an idea of what our state capital is like. Then we’re thinking of going to Seattle over Memorial Day. I’ve never been before, and Dale’s only been once. It’s a cheaper flight than most places. It’s a fun city. So I’m excited. :) If my poster proposal is accepted, I will definitely go to the American Library Association conference in New Orleans, in June–if it isn’t, I’ll wait and see if I won my election (which doesn’t *require* me to go this year, but it would probably be appreciated) and decide then.

So, despite the cold and the dark, there’s more brewing than you might think! More than I thought, when I sat down to write this post–which is sort of nice. :)

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