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Later edit: I was half-way through researching the transit plans of Anchorage. The other half was a lot more promising. Or less, in that there’s like no chance the project will ever be completed. :P

So, that house-buying thing isn’t going to work out, right now. The most promising area of town for us to buy in–walkable (or at least bus/bikable) to downtown, bus/bikable to work, easy driving commute (and long but doable bike ride) for Dale–is also under consideration to become a highway. At least two of the plans under consideration would put a highway pretty much right beside our yard. … Interestingly, one of the plans would also put a highway right near our current yard, but we only rent here and could move if we needed to.

So, while we’d be interested in buying downtown, or in something I think Zillow calls “South Addition” (the area directly south of downtown), we can’t afford that. At least, not right now, or not without giving up some of the things we need in a permanent living space.

We’re going to try to rearrange our current space to make it more friendly for things like movie nights, Rock Band, and DDR, without sacrificing our game-playing table. And I’ll go ahead and plant my garden and do the things that I like doing in this house. We’ll settle into it for at least another year (H2H will make their plans known sometime in late 2011 or [more likely] 2012), then start looking again, perhaps, with more savings and better credit to back us up. (I was pleasantly surprised by both of our credit scores. But, knowing we’re going to wait a year, there are a few things we can do to improve them.)

I’m disappointed that this isn’t going to work out the way we’d hoped. It’s sad not to get to live in that cute house. But hopefully it’ll all work out so that we’ll get something that will suit us even better. (And if we’re really good about timing and manage to buy before 2 years are up, we won’t have to sit through another full Saturday class about home-buying!)

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