We closed on Friday and spent the weekend cleaning. That house hasn’t been given enough love in the past few years, so we’ve ended up needing to do a lot of cleaning; I dusted all of the paneling with Pledge, cleaned the kitchen cabinets inside and out, and started washing the kitchen walls (which will be repainted), while Dale went through the basement, sweeping and getting the [very thick] layer of dust off of everything. We discovered some treasures, which we will document and do clever things with. We’re donating the drapes (honest to goodness drapes) to Goodwill; they aren’t our style, but they still have some life left in them. We’re already developing a deep hatred of the windows, which are very strange, and planning just how long it will take us to afford to replace them all.

I’m going to post photos that I stole from Zillow and other real estate sites, for the time being, because people seem sad that we haven’t shared any photos yet. We promise, we took a whole bunch of them and will post them soon! … but the camera is in the new house, which doesn’t have a modem yet. (It DOES have internet–faster than our previous place, even!–just no way to get to it.) We’ll put the actual photos that we actually took into one of our Picasa accounts–and post the link here, too, of course.

As far as these go, the kitchen’s different now. The electrician took down the nice splash area that was the same color as the countertops and replaced it with yellow paint. (It actually prevents the rightmost cabinet from opening enough.) Bleh. We were super disappointed by that, because paint is so easy to totally destroy in a kitchen. (Bright side: it does brighten the place up a little.) And the furniture is all gone–none of that stayed. The awesome green carpet you can see in the one photo is still there, but there’s hard wood under it–one of the things our contractor is going to do is carpet removal and refinishing of the wood floors. Hopefully before September 10, when we plan to move in for real.

Also, there are rooms that aren’t represented by these photos. Obviously. :) We’ll post our photo tour soon!

The whole place smells like lemon Pledge right now. Something tells me we’ll get tired of the smell of lemons soon. I have some “Simply Orange” I can start using, for a change. ;)

We’re thinking of bringing the birds by tonight, so they can start to get used to the new place. (At least the skittish, change-averse cockatiels. Francis the parakeet won’t care.) We’ll have to keep a good eye on them, since we know there’s lead paint and haven’t done any modifications to the walls, to keep pets from trying to eat them.