We took advantage of the 10% off sale at Lowes (ending today) and bought appliances (today). A fairly run-of-the-mill dishwasher (though it had the particular set of bells and whistles we really wanted), an upright and therefore relatively inexpensive (but still very-highly-rated by Energy Star) washer and dryer, and a totally sweet refrigerator that I love. The white dishwasher will look stupid beside the black-and-steel range/oven, but we’re replacing that within the next few years, anyway. And, overall, white’s going to look better in that kitchen.

We don’t know when the appliances are coming, just that they are. Within the next few weeks. (Hopefully by September 10, our Official Move-In Date.)

The electric company came and dug up our entire(!) driveway(!!) today, plus part of the alley, to bury the cables. So the house no longer looks like there’s a red hose coming out of the attic. But our whole driveway is a mud pit, probably, by now–it started raining just as we were leaving. I guess we’d better buy some gravel or look into paving. I have no idea what that costs. I put in a query to our local gravel & sand place, to see what they have to say. We may end up suffering through it (and making the alley super ugly) through the winter, if it’s too much.

Other things that have been done: the carpet’s up, but I think I said that before. The cabinet’s torn out, so the dishwasher can go in–though there’s still a little bit of plumbing work to go with that. It seems like the contractor broke our basement sink, so that’s not so good… There’s some boring stuff (that’s still important) with vents and vapor barriers. We changed which windows were getting dug out, which I think we’ll ultimately be a lot happier about; I wrote on the walls in Sharpie, to be sure they cut the right ones. But yeah, not a ton. There was some emergency work, somewhere else in the city, that pulled the contractors away for a few days, last week. (We can always tell they’ve been in based on whether/which lights are left on. So we know they were in today, but we’re really not sure what they did. Maybe roof work.)

The house HAS been pre-pre-warmed, though! A friend of ours just got a job–in Dale’s office, actually, which is even cooler–and we sat around and played dice games and drank beer in our empty living room, this weekend. We even fit four cars into the driveway (pre-mud-pit)–and could have fit five, if there were less debris in the way. … You know, assuming everyone parked within inches of one another. :)

A bigger pre-warming will happen on moving day. I’ll do my traditional “feed friends with lasagna and beer” thing, after we get the furniture and stuff moved in. It should be a good time!

The real Housewarming Party, with capital letters, will happen after we get well and truly moved in and mostly unpacked–it’ll probably end up being on Halloween weekend. Or some weekend thereabouts. I already have my costume planned! (What wedding? Just kidding. I know, we ought to finish planning that first. It’s not THAT complex a costume, though, if that makes you feel better.) We’ll figure that out as the time gets closer.

So, anyway, progress is being made. Woo!