We decided to throw a party/poker night, to help raise funds for Tour de Cure (if you’re willing to donate, we’d be really grateful! every little bit helps! here are our pages: mine, Dale’s). As part of that, because we invited a whole bunch of people, we are also trying to get our basement in tip-top shape, to make it an inviting hang-out space. (Added bonus of this basement plan, besides more welcoming spaces in our house, which is a reward in and of itself: assuming we actually have 6-7 visitors at once, this summer, as is the plan, it’ll be a comfortable space for someone to sleep.) I’ve been sanding and painting the sheetrock walls, and Dale’s been taking down wobbly wooden shelves. We’ve been sorting and throwing out (both things we moved in with and things we “inherited” with the house) and generally adding to the awesome quotient of the main room of the basement. It needs another couch and some seriously labor-intensive painting (concrete walls), neither of which we’ll manage before the party (unless something awesome happens), but it’s getting a lot nicer!

That’s not what the photo is, of course. That’s a photo of our living room, which I just thought I’d share, because it’s cozy. Notice the lovely quilt our friend Mary made for us! And the Actual Grownup Furniture! And Angry Birds. ;)

I know we were supposed to share more photos of our house, before, but we keep not taking pictures when it’s clean and then remembering when it’s a mess again. Which means I probably won’t have before/after pictures of the basement to share, either. I apologize for that.

Anyway, I’m pretty delighted with the effects of the paint job in the basement, so far. I think I’m going to try to hang fabric over the cement block walls, to make the whole place a little more welcoming, in the short term. It might end up looking weird, but everybody who is coming over has met me, so that’s OK. ;) Long term, I’ll seal, prime, and paint them, but I did the math, and there’s just no way before the party. (Both time-math and also ventilation-math. It’s too cold out to throw open windows, just yet, and sealant and Killz are both stinky.)

We also think we’re buying carpet squares to make the floor less, you know, hard and cold. What I’ll do is lay a set of squares along the external walls, but without exposing the stick-um, and then I’ll lay down the rest of the squares (with stick-um exposed), then pick up the ones from around the edges. That way, the sealing and priming and painting can be done a little more painlessly—that is, without ruining the outer squares—when it warms up a bit.

We’ll get photos. :)