I went to the doctor two weeks ago, and she put me on a so-called “elimination diet,” where all of the common allergens are off-limits, and gave me a bunch of blood tests for different food sensitivities. (I’m jumping into this story part-way, to keep it short.) The test came back today. I can’t have gluten, dairy, or eggs, including duck eggs. This might be a for-now thing, or it might be a forever thing. Sometimes, with a gluten sensitivity, one develops other sensitivities, temporarily, until gluten is cut out for long enough. We’ll see.

Assuming this is a forever thing, I’m bummed, especially about the duck eggs. I mean, there are other down sides: I enjoy being able to go to restaurants, and that’s going to be tricky, with these three restrictions. (I was looking forward to eating pizza again. Guess not.) And most processed foods are off the menu, since most of them use some combination of egg, dairy, and gluten (seriously, if it isn’t marked “vegan” and “gluten free,” odds are I can’t have it). But I was really looking forward to raising ducks. For their eggs. Which we would eat. If I stay sensitive to duck eggs, that’s not going to work out so well.

Beyond the ducks, I’m still coming to terms with other consequences of this. I’m going to have to learn to cook in a very different way. I probably won’t send or receive baked goods anymore. (Gluten-free does NOT ship well.) A lot of my dietary staples will have to be replaced. On the whole, it’s not a huge thing, or it won’t be once I get a handle on it, and it’s not something I want to talk about at great length (this blog post is being written primarily in an attempt to prevent future awkwardness with friends and family, who I hope will see it and won’t be insulted by my weird eating habits). It’s just one of those things, like my cat and dog allergy, that I’ll learn to deal with. It’ll be OK.

Here’s a photo I took, in our kitchen, while I was cleaning all of the flour and gluten out. (By the way, if you’re local and want some flour, steel cut oats, or whatever… let me know.) That sunbeam is coming from the north. At 9:30pm: