This is a weird time of the year, here. The light is back—I watched the sun come up from my kitchen window at 7:30 this morning, and it was up past 8 pm last night—but there’s too much ice on the trails to be out on a bike, or even to go very far on foot. One could wear ice cleats, perhaps, but there’s enough dry ground showing to make that a no-go. (They scrape on asphalt. The sound is unpleasant, it wears the spikes down, and they’re a little unbalancing on dry ground.) So some of us are itchy, wanting to be outside in the newly-returned light, but not really able to do so. In a couple more weeks, if we get warm enough temperatures in the day and if it doesn’t rain or snow enough to keep the ground muddy, we’ll be able to start the first of the spring yard work.

It was 19 degrees (F) this morning, anyway, so the light is kind of a lie, in some ways. We don’t really need to be out in that, pretty though it is.

The nice thing about the light, whether outdoor time is a good idea or not, is I’m starting to come out of my winter malaise. May is my most productive month, I’ve noticed, and I can feel that extra motivation starting to trickle in. I’ve put my name into some really different and exciting hats and am waiting impatiently to see if it gets drawn. Dale and I are both on the committee to plan and run the local hackathon (a weekend where a bunch of programmers, designers, project managers, and business-type people join forces and work on projects for non-profits). I have ideas for work-related projects—a spring cleaning of the library’s website, at least. I am mentally ready to host a fire pit party, after being kind of anti-social over the winter. (We didn’t stay on top of shoveling out the fire pit, so we could do a party pretty soon, but everyone would have to wear boots.)

Although it doesn’t look particularly springy out, it feels that way.