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Our Alaskan adventure is coming to an end. I’ve accepted a position in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Dale’s interviewing for one in the next couple of weeks. We’ll leave this blog up, in case any of it will help anyone else who is contemplating the move, but we’re going to stop posting and turn off comments, since we’re not going to be up here to help anyone out.

We’ll miss a lot of things about AK:

  • Our friends and coworkers
  • Magpies
  • Ravens (well, LOTS of ravens; there aren’t many in VA)
  • Moose
  • Baby seagulls
  • Arctic terns
  • Stellers jays
  • Bald eagles (LOTS, again; there are some in VA)
  • The Cuddy Park duck pond and Westchester Lagoon
  • Giant mountains all around, everywhere you look (VA’s mountains are great, but smaller and only in one direction from C’ville)
  • Mountain goats and sheep
  • Sixty degree summer days
  • Auroras
  • Our house (which we’re selling)
  • Quirky, helpful strangers
  • Our cracked windshield (they’ll make us replace it on the east coast)
  • The Alaska SeaLife Center
  • Delicious fresh salmon
  • A whole bunch of restaurants – Spenard Roadhouse, Table 6
  • Bear Tooth Theater Pub – there’s a theater pub in Arlington, but that’s a bit of a drive from C’ville

We’ll keep posting content at, if you want to follow our adventures in Virginia. (I’m posting about the trip in my blog.)

Thanks for the adventure, Alaska! It’s been a lot of fun.

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