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Distance: 329.2 miles (from the gas station in Pittsburgh). George has also passed the thousand-mile mark. And made slightly above her rated highway miles-per-gallon pretty much the whole time, which is awesome, considering that she’s loaded down!

Not much else to report. I went further than I’d planned–into Indiana, instead of stopping on the Ohio border. I didn’t sleep a lot last night, so I sort of had to stop when I did, to stay safe. No sense in worrying about trying to get ahead of schedule, yet: tomorrow’s stopping point is set. (Safety note: I wouldn’t have gone further today even if that weren’t the case!) I have a couple of pictures, but they have to stay on my phone until I get to a better place to send them–this motel blocks Verizon’s wireless, it seems. (Besides, Gmail’s down.) Dale has the “real camera,” so all of my pictures will be taken with the phone, until I find myself at a Costco, to pick up a new camera.

The birds did great. The plants seem a little wilted. I’m dehydrated, but will be having some water before I sleep tonight.

Playlist (roughly in order for today–and I probably won’t keep track every day): Eve 6 (great roadtrip-starting music), Dr. Horrible, Once More With Feeling (the Buffy musical :)), 2 Girl Talk albums, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Dr. Horrible, a little KT Tunstall, and a little iPod randomization.

Administrivia: I deleted the Platial map from the sidebar and replaced it with Twitter (which doesn’t help you much if you use RSS or Facebook, but helps anyone who comes to the blog directly). It’ll give a more up-to-date view of what’s going on. Also, I’m starting a Google Map of the trip. It’s less elegant than Rob’s solution for his cross-country trip, but costs me less in equipment and setup time. :D

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