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I’m way behind on packing and even further behind on selling things. (Dale called it. I should have believed him.) Seriously, if you know anyone in Pittsburgh who needs furniture, send them our way! If we have any doodads you want, ask. F’real.

This weekend will be spent visiting my dad and DC-area friends, next was going to be our yard sale–but man will I have to get a lot done to make that happen!–and the following is my last weekend on the East Coast, spent with my mom’s side of the family. We’ll probably come back to Pittsburgh that Saturday night, in part for the break from driving, in part to pack the car, and in part to say our 4-month goodbyes. That’s already going to be a tough day–no need to make it tougher by adding a 4+ hour drive.

The Subaru dealer is talking with the bank. My new job doesn’t seem show up on my credit (which isn’t unreasonable), and I refuse to pay 8% interest, so I may well be driving Grover up there. We’ll see.

The vet never called me back. I’ll try to get a hold of her tomorrow. I mean, I think she’s going to say “ship the birds,” but I’d like to hear it before I consider the decision completely made.

I was thinking of switching our phone plan before I went up there, but I think, now, I’m not. We may lose our numbers, this way, but say what you want about Verizon: they do have better coverage through some of the wilder parts of the trip! … I don’t recall whether or not I mentioned this, here, but the main wireless carriers in Anchorage are AT&T and Alaska Communications Systems. Verizon has coverage, but it’s all “extended network.”

(The first is Verizon’s map, and the second is AT&T’s. You’ll note the big hole in both, over the Alcan–for AT&T, that hole covers all of Canada–so please do not freak out if I don’t pick up the phone. It’s safe to assume I will not be Twittering, Facebooking, emailing, blogging, or generally making a lot of Internet noise every single day. While I’d like to blog each day of the trip, that may not be realistic, on a real-time basis–things may be written up on one day and posted on another. I promised Dale I’d do what I could to check in with him every 24 hours, but even that’s not 100% certain.)

Bright side: I’m totally getting an iPhone. :) I promise not to become one of those iPhone people.

Also, I think I’m going to look into Couch Surfing a couple of nights, if I don’t have the birds with me. Only with verified, validated, recommended people, and Dale will have a complete list of where and with whom I’ll be staying. It’s no less safe than a hostel, I figure, and it’s at least as good a way to meet cool people and also save serious funds along the way. Anchorage has a Couch Surfing community, which is pretty neat. Still, I’m hoping I can get a 4-month lease (I found a place, just have to do the paperwork before someone else does) and save myself the trouble of finding crash space for the first few nights I’m there.

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