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I guess I should explain, a bit, for anybody who isn’t going to be joining this blog from the other blog. I’m moving to Alaska for my first “real” library job–“real,” as in, post-library degree–as a Web Services Librarian at a library in Anchorage (beautiful webpage! I’m so excited!). I went to library school in Pittsburgh largely because Pittsburgh is a place Dale and I know how to live, full of people we know, where Dale got a job–that last point is key! Other library schools were under consideration, but Pitt seemed like the right choice at the time.

It was never really the plan to settle here, which I think makes friends and some family a little frustrated. I did my best, applying to all of the local jobs that sounded worth doing, but I never had my heart set on staying in the area, because it’s such a flooded market, what with 100+ librarians graduating each year (never mind Clarion and Drexel!). I don’t know how firmly Dale hoped for us to stay–hopefully he’ll log in to WordPress and add his thoughts soon–but I know he’s OK with how it’s all turned out.

Anyway, yes, we picked Pittsburgh together, with the understanding that we’d move on to another place–though I’m not sure either of us considered Alaska, specifically, at that point–after graduation. And that’s the process we’re going through now.

I’m getting back toward feeling hopeful and excited. Today’s earlier hesitation has faded, somewhat. It’ll be back, no doubt, but there’s just so much that’s good about this move–not least of which are the awesomeness of the library I’m joining and the beautiful city we’ll get to live in–that it’s hard to focus on the bad for long.

(Multiple posts per day will not be the norm, I promise!)

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